Who We Are
Why we exist

We're a group of people dedicated to increasing democratic involvement

We exist because some of our politicians ignore us after they've been elected

MPs have a tendency to forget who put them in office when the party whip knocks on the door. We need to stop this and remind them that they’re representatives of the people, not voting numbers for the party.

Our Mission

To hold our elected representatives accountable to the people who put them in office.

We aim to have a statistically significant number of voters in every constituency giving clear indications to their representatives how they want them to vote on legislation and what they expect of them regarding the major social issues.

How We Do It

My Direct Democracy is a mobile device app which allows users to vote on every bill before parliament and answer questions on the important socials issues of the day..

Once we have a statistically significant result for a given constituency we monitor the votes and comments of the representative to make sure they are in line with the expectations of their constituents. If they’re not, we make it public.

Our Core Values

We are 100% neutral on all issues and will never word questions in a way to elicit a certain response. We want people’s real opinion.

  • Users are completely anonymous and will never be asked for information which could identify them.
  • We are completely free and will never ask you for money.
  • We will always remain neutral on all issues.